Saturday, August 29, 2015

first painting in a while

greetings from my corner of the world!  i have missed this.  my hands want to create.  i took time off from that, and now i'm feeling glad to pick up a paintbrush again.

this little painting above was a gift for jennifer, my friend sarah's adorable three month old daughter.  i based it on the colors of jennifer's nursery, and adapted the style from monogram paintings i had made for my niece and my nephew's girlfriend.  i really like these paintings and i'm thinking of making some more to sell.  also - painted initial pendants.  i'm drawn toward pure painting rather than mixed media lately.  i drawn to paint in general - did i mention that i've missed this?

i hope to fill this space with some more colorful goodness soon.  i know that time seems to move more quickly than ever and i just want to slow it down, to make time for everything i want to see and do and read and make and try.  and to stay well rested while doing it.  and to keep up with responsibilities.  i think this is something most of us feel.  i had a milestone birthday last month and that emphasizes all of this even more.

the paints and canvases are waiting.  it's time to start painting again!

1 comment: discount code said...

You have created a very nice painting, Its not looking like you have made it first time. Its looking like you are a regular painter. Such an amazing work. Keep it up