Sunday, September 16, 2012

super fun foam stamp project!

I'm not introducing anything new to the world here, since the internet is already plentiful with foam stamp projects, but I tried making some yesterday and it was awesome!
This was my process:

1. I bought wooden cubes, sticky-back foam and non-adhesive foam. everything you see here totals less than five dollars.

2. I cut shapes out of the foam with scissors. (I should have used my Fiskars titanium non-stick scissors for the sticky-back foam, but I wanted to use smaller scissors, so I used these pink titanium cutter-bee scissors, which got a little sticky, but cut nicely.) Then I peeled off the backing, and positioned the foam. It was the easiest thing I have ever made.

3. I tried some more stamps with the regular (non-adhesive) foam. I started on some letters, figuring that working with the regular foam could make it easy to think backwards - all I would need to do is cut out a letter, then glue the up-side. It worked!
Regular white glue worked just fine, and quickly.

4. I had so much fun just cutting out simple shapes and stripes. I love the patterns they make when the stamp is turned or printed in a line.

I think this would be a perfect rainy-day craft for any kids who can operate scissors. It's inexpensive, results are almost immediate, and has the potential for not a lot of clean-up. You could even double up on images and add foam to multiple sides of the cube. And, the stamps can be used over and over again!

I can't wait to integrate these into more projects. Be on the lookout!


Foam-By-Mail said...

These are so cool! It's always fun to see what people come up with making closed-cell foam stamps. They can be cut into super-precise designs, or they can just be fun, laid-back designs, but they always turn out interesting.

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