Saturday, February 28, 2015

a painting from start to finish

this month has flown by.  i started painting with thicker acrylics again, like i did when i was in high school.  there is definitely a re-learning curve that is still happening.  i am so used to the control and detail i can get from liquid acrylics, but i love the adventures in color mixing with the more viscous acrylics.  the painting above used both, which works well for me.  this is a happy bouquet.

 i also spent this month by:

*researching and purchasing books to modernize our school's library collection
*planning the istep schedule for school - an everchanging puzzle each day
*celebrating my niece's 21st birthday and my Dad's 84th
*enjoying the last few episodes of parks and recreation (goodbye, parks and rec), the grammys, snl's 40th anniversary, and the oscars (i don't really watch movies, though, so the oscars are basically lost on me)
*more time with friends than usual lately, including two birthday parties, and a baby shower today that was so nice!
*trying to read books, but not finishing them.  trying to beat level 470 of candy crush.
*trying to get more rest.
*helping family.
*painting a little, but not enough.

1 comment: said...

In starting the pink color doesn't give the attractive look to the painting but, after giving it the blue color, it is looking awesome. You have great skills of applying and using the colors.