Saturday, January 31, 2015



i'm still here.  just feeling quiet lately.  there have been times i've wanted to write and didn't.  those thoughts are still fresh in my mind.  i'll keep them around for another time.

the truth is that i've been prioritizing some things in my life that are important.  good things, and life maintenance things that just need to happen.  work and family, and self care (trying to be more intentional about rest again, and eating - i did not eat or drink from a fast food restaurant once this month - because the truth is, except for an occasional starbucks run, i don't even like that stuff, it's just convenient, and i'm over it.  i just really like veggies for lunch.), and friends, and more adjustments to be made at work, and that's the bulk of what i've been doing.

i had an awesome christmas.  my sister and niece surprised the family with a visit from texas.  we didn't have much time together , but i loved sharing indianapolis with gretchen, and i miss them all the time.

i have been ignoring my creative life.  i really miss it.  i can feel how much i miss it.

this year i want to learn to sew - to really learn, because i have never had the patience for it before.  i don't like to follow patterns (or directions, really), and in middle school we had to make jumpers and a girl in my class unintenionally cut a huge hole in the middle of mine and i loathed that whole project, so sewing became something that felt intimidating to me.  i have tried a few times and lost the drive to continue.  my mom is amazing at sewing so i've asked her to teach me.  i'm completely excited about it this time.

i want to paint big canvases and experiment with my style.

i want to paint a canvas with a quote from a family member who recently passed away.

i want to make many more earrings. maybe a necklace?

i want to play with clay and make beads again.

i want to paint more rings and earrings for the mirthmarket.

i want to buy a printer and make prints from my mixed media pieces.

there is so much to do!  i'd better get started.

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