Sunday, December 14, 2014

reversible pendants

i painted some reversible pendants and i've added a few of them to the mirthmarket.  each features one side in the style i like to call "petal burst" (that name just sticks with me, it's kind of like an abstract chrysanthemum, right?) and another side in a similar color scheme with a different image.  they were fun to make!  

the colors i used looked so nice together that i opened up my art journal and covered two pages with them, which was a relaxing experience.

it doesn't feel like christmas is so soon, and i'm absolutely not "ready", as far as preparations go.  this is nothing new in my world.  may your week be peaceful.  

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I'm Sara. said...

Hey Julie! I love that last journal page!! So pretty. :) I responded to your comment on my blog about the printer if you want to take a peek! :)