Monday, February 17, 2014

giddy fangirl

jimmy fallon!

i can't even tell you how excited i am that the tonight show with jimmy fallon premieres tonight.

i try to keep it low key, but there are two celebrities who turn me into a ridiculously giddy fangirl, and he is one. (he is the number one at that, actually.)

way back, buried deep in the internet, i remember that i posted on a jimmy fallon fan forum that i thought he would be the host of the tonight show one day.  it was probably back when he guest hosted for letterman.  it seemed right, even back in 2003.

i'm just really proud of him.  it's been so fun watching his career progress.  it's been great to see such a humble, generous,  positive, genuine person being recognized for his talents and growing in success. (i'm not alone in this.  i mean, how can you not like jimmy fallon?)

i'm excited that we get to see so much more of everything hilarious from late night, and maybe now even more people will see it.  it just feels like it will be even bigger and grander.  more thank you notes.  more parodies.  more justin timberlake.  it's a win for everyone.

and tonight?  U2 will be performing on the first episode.  seriously.  you know how i mentioned how there are two celebrities who turn me into a ridiculously giddy fangirl?

Bono Vox

bono is the other one.  since basically third grade.

oh my goodness.  i can't wait!

p.s.: i'm still giddy over this picture from thirteen years ago.  and i might always be.

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