Sunday, February 23, 2014

new painting

today i painted these flowers on a 6 x 6 inch canvas.  someday i will paint something larger.  

i went back and forth several times about whether to add words to this one.  i had a phrase in mind.  i even painted it in navy and then in pink, on the bottom (before many of the flowers), then across the top.

then i realized this painting was not meant to have words.  so i added a few more flowers and all of the dots and garlands and stars.  i highlighted some areas with yellow watercolor and then watched the closing ceremonies of the olympics (silver dancers!  chagall!  humor with the olympic rings!) and now that i've scanned this in and brightened it a bit, i like it even more.  (i usually do not edit my paintings at all, but i experimented with this one and i like it.  you deserve the transparency from me.)

the words i kept wanting to use with this painting were "be gentle with your soul".  because i was feeling it, not because it went with these flowers.

i really like painting.

i hope you have a fantastic week!

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