Sunday, February 16, 2014

sochi patchwork

I've watched quite a bit of Olympics coverage, and what has intrigued me most was not any athletic performance, hotel anti-design, or ocular travesty, but the colorful patchwork pattern that has lined the venues and uniforms.

I liked that every venue seemed to have its own color scheme.  Speed skating = red and orange.  Figure skating = blue.  Skeleton = purple.  So I decided to find out more about it, and now I like it even more.


The designs were inspired by this beautiful quilt pattern created by Bosco, incorporating all of Russia through patterns that represent centuries of arts and crafts traditions that span through many of its regions.


These links describe the patterns better than I can: Bosco's site and Graphic Art News.  It is really incredible, and looking through the different patterns and original pieces of art is inspiring.  As the daughter of a quilter, I have a great admiration for quilting in general, and I love patchwork in so many forms, so it's no wonder that this design has been stealing my attention from the skiers and snowboarders.

It isn't the first thing that caught my eye, though.  In the opening ceremonies, this inflatable, floating impression of St. Basil's Cathedral looked like something painted Julie-style, and I liked it immediately.

Hooray for clever design!

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