Sunday, July 14, 2013

cory monteith

I woke up to news that Cory Monteith had died. I've thought about this loss all day. I listened to Glee favorites most of the way home from Cincinnati. I read tweets and news articles full of other people's sadness. I reread my previous post about him, all still so true. He was gifted and radiant.

 I still believe that the finale of the first season of Glee is one of the best hours in all of television. Glee had two great seasons, and has had two intermittently brilliant/bizarre seasons since - it has so many flaws, and listing them could be overwhelming. Cory was always a reason to keep watching - his acting was always genuine. Even moreso, he continued to support causes to help homeless and struggling teens, giving back to youths living in situations that mirrored his past. That is probably the coolest thing about him. Did you know he had a band? Here is a glimpse of Bonnie Dune. I always thought this interview with him was a fun one:


 Or click on the link for Project Limelight, and read this remembrance that focuses on his work with youth charities. Such a tragic end.

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