Saturday, June 25, 2011

i like cory monteith

Not Finn, but Cory. (For many reasons.)

But this weekend, for presenting the details of his past, in a hopeful way. Cory went through a lot of the things that the kids I work with are going through right now. He was estranged from family, addicted, and even homeless, yet he was intelligent (with a fourth grade reading level as a five year old - I didn't know that before), and he had latent talent. He was challenged, and then found a way to focus his energy into creativity, which became his career. I know that stories about celebrities don't necessarily reveal every facet of a person, but he does seem very grounded and genuine. Cory is now working on behalf or organizations that acknowledge and support teenagers who are going through the same kinds of issues he went through. I think that's so cool, because acknowledging and supporting kids and teens in tough situations is my career, and they don't have enough champions.

The interview begins here.

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