Wednesday, July 10, 2013

glimpses of the past week

i'm home from another blissful week in northern michigan.  it is truly my happy place, and where i'd rather be almost all the time.

wouldn't you want to sit in front of a sunset like this every night?  our cottage isn't built for winters (or cold autumns), but it's perfect for summer vacation.

i had planned to pack lighter than usual, and to take just a sketchbook with me, to practice lettering and drawing, two things i haven't practiced for a while.  after all, i'd taken a tower of art supplies with me last year, and never lifted a paintbrush.  then, my sister from texas called, and i found out our vacation times would be aligning, and she wanted me to bring "all" my paints and six 16 x 20 inch canvases.  so i loaded three bags of paints (not "all") and paintbrushes, and all sorts of canvases into my camry and...
after starting a few things and not finishing, my nephew's girlfriend was perusing my sketchbook, and told my sister she wanted me to paint something for her dorm room.  she texted me some ideas and color schemes and i worked profusely for my last three vacation days on this:

i enjoyed this project for so many reasons - and i'm sure i'll list those later.  what's even better is that darsey loved it.  more on this painting soon.

one of my favorite photos from the week was the image of my niece and nephew, below.  while photographing the sunset, i noted the good light and they immediately posed.  i see them so rarely, and it was really great hanging out and laughing with them.

and as always, the week ended too quickly, and i can't wait to go back.

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