Sunday, March 16, 2014

a craft for everyone

i spent the weekend in cincinnati with the wonderful jorgenson family. the weekend was full! watching aven's dance class, going to ikea and jungle jim's, seeing frozen, going on an artsy adventure i'd always wanted to try (more on that later), eating magnificent mediterranean food yesterday and then eating corned beef sandwiches and potato pancakes today, and a craft that i could make with the kids.

we decorated embroidery hoops.

 this is an ideal craft for little kids. you can use scraps of fabric and ribbon that you may already have (we used jenni's stash of fabric and i may have gone overboard at a hobby lobby 50% off ribbon sale). it takes as much time as cutting ribbon, placing the ribbon on the fabric, connecting the hoops and cutting the fabric remnants from the back. 

aven, at four years old, decided this was the best craft ever. asa, at two years old, designed his extremely well. he said, "thank. you. craft!" on my way out the door. jenni (the mama to these crafty kids) made one for herself as well. (i didn't take awesome photos...this whole event was fact, aven switched out her fabric after this photo was taken.)

it was my fault that i placed the connector upside down on asa's hoop. so, here's a tip, pay attention to the direction of the outer hoop. but otherwise, totally easy craft for everyone. if one of these took more than five minutes, it was because we were taking our time choosing ribbons. clean up was also extremely simple.

 toddler approved!

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