Saturday, March 8, 2014

triangle pendants

I listed two new pendants in the Mirthmarket this morning.  I like these triangles, with their striking black and white designs.  They seem versatile and unique.  After that, I rearranged the shop.  I also replaced two older thumbnail photos with brighter, cleaner images.  It's funny how a few simple changes like that can make an impact!

I've felt less connected with Etsy in recent years, and I want to become better reacquainted again.  I am a creature of habit and not fond of sudden experiments and changes, so when shop banners disappeared last week in favor of weirdly placed white space, I was caught off guard.  Etsy replaced banners again this week, and I'm thankful for that.  Can you imagine going to a mall where every storefront's sign was written in the same size and font?  That mall would be called No-fun-ville.

Anyway, I truly do want to build back my enthusiasm toward Etsy. I want to fill my shop and be active and make treasuries.  Let's call it a springtime resolution.  It is so much easier to list new items now!  And "chit-chat" is once again authorized in the forums!  And there is so much beauty and creativity all over Etsy - I want to see it all and celebrate it.

I'll share what I find with you!

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Hannah said...

I'm really glad chit-chat is back! I love hearing about people's days in the forums and having things not be so serious all the time.. Glad to hear you're getting back into it, looking forward to seeing some lovely treasuries :)