Sunday, March 23, 2014

something like an art journal

one of my creative goals this year was to create what is known as an art journal. up front, i'm not really comfortable with that term. i kept paper journals for about twenty years - some were painted and stamped and sometimes fairly artsy...and what i am doing now is less journal than that. it's an experimentation book, really.

i have been testing out using different types of media together in different ways.  sometimes i like the outcome, and sometimes i learn from it.

i've been writing down words when they've been on my mind while i'm writing.  there aren't really many words. i just happened to photograph the words, because my eye is drawn to them. last night i just wanted to write down lyrics. there is room for that in this book.

this book is a space to practice and play with materials and colors and ideas. there is not much pre-planning, and i'm not certain if any pages are completely finished yet. i work simultaneously on probably twenty pages...adding a little bit here and there, wherever i'm feeling like creating at the moment.  what you are seeing here are just pieces of a whole that will keep evolving.

("overcome evil with good" was a reminder from church a few weeks ago, and definitely on my mind as i doodled around this flower.)

art journal/experimentation book/mixed media practice/play book...whatever you want to call's another good way to put my leftover paint to use, and the process is calming.

i'll keep you updated as it progresses.

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