Sunday, July 28, 2013

summer 2013 playlist

back to school time is just around the corner in my world, so it feels like summer is almost over.  here are the songs i've had on heavy rotation this summer:

safe and sound by capital cities
i love how so many songs on pop radio this summer sound like throwbacks to the 70s and 80s.  this song is really great synth pop, and that is always welcomed by my ears. 

counting stars by onerepublic
this video doesn't wow me, and honestly this is the first onerepublic song i've ever wanted to put on a playlist.  i like the chorus best, but i think the whole song is great...catchy, honest, different from most of the radio songs played recently.

paris by friendly fires
this is one of the songs my niece gretchen played on her phone while we painted a few times over vacation - her musical taste has really grown and become awesome!  and on the day i left to come home, cory monteith tweeted a remix of it (not this version), and then a week later he died.  the lyrics seem so bittersweet.  it's a great song to play loud, and then it fades out into a little musical haze at the end.  the remix is nice, too.

honorable mention for this list:
chloe by emblem3
this is basically the cutest song ever.  i know that i am not in the demographic, but i like it anyway.  the video is sweet, and appreciates the underdog girls (even though they use the phrase "diamond in the rough", which still seems like a bit of a backhanded compliment.  i'll forgive them.)

also, this one:
out of my league by fitz and the tantrums

what have your favorites been this summer?

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