Sunday, August 4, 2013

housewarming painting

one of the best things that happened this summer was one of my college roommates/best friends moving  about ten minutes away from me, after living in lexington, kentucky and then shelbyville, indiana, for what seemed like forever!

heather k. and her family are all moved in now, into an adorable, colorful home.  when i first visited, i brought them a basket of little housewarming odds and ends, and added this tiny painting (4 in. x 4 in.).  the kite is a reminder of sunny spring days we spent flying kites at ball state.  i hope their new home is the setting of many cherished memories.

school starts tomorrow, and i am looking forward to the steady routine.  i have been cleaning, creating, planning, and preparing for most of my time lately.  i hope the reward is a school year that is successful for everyone.

i miss my paints.  i can't wait to use them soon!

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