Friday, December 21, 2012


I don't have a photo today.  I just have a few words.

Like many, I'm certain, my thoughts often find their way back to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary last week, and the comments made from various people since.  I cannot fathom the idea that anyone who is not involved in public safety or the military needs access to an assault rifle.  I think I'm not alone in this.  So let's talk about mental health.  Let's talk about the fact that there are parents who need help but can't get immediate help unless their children are actively suicidal or homicidal.  It has to come to that point, in some circumstances.  Let's be realistic about desensitization to violence. There certainly are people who can withstand seeing horrifically gruesome scenes in movies and can shoot people mercilessly in video games and completely separate that from reality.  And then, there are people who partake in that entertainment and seek something even more real.  What are the alternatives?  What would we rather provide for each other?  Are we, as a culture, doing our best by settling for this?  No, we aren't.

Also, at a Christmas party today, I bit into what seemed like a delicious brownie, and ended up being a piece of broken-off blue spatula with a brownie coating.  Seriously.  Someone baked a piece of spatula into a brownie.  I'm thankful it was soft plastic and big enough to notice - probably one inch by two inches, and still, such a minor detail when there is so much happening in the world.  

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