Saturday, December 29, 2012

a colorful collection

Earlier this month, I made a Shutterfly book with a coupon from a House Party. Rather than making another book of family memories, I decided to make a book of things I've painted. I like it so much!

If you craft, if you photograph, if you sew, if you bake - I recommend taking some time to create a visual collection in book form. The process was fun (although admittedly, it took me most of one weekend because I used so many photos), and the finished product was awesome! So, here is the rest of it:

Did you have a nice Christmas? This year, the big family party was visited by a cardboard cutout of Niall from One Direction. When I first saw this from far away, from the shoulders up, I thought it might be a cutout of a sporty soccer mom. The hair and the purple hoodie confused me for a moment.

The giggling pre-teens who caused this posed him all around the house, which was hilarious. I liked that he sat down for dessert with us.

Have a lovely weekend!

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Eyelah said...

that book is such a great idea. That would be perfect to have your table if you do craft shows.