Saturday, November 17, 2012

you can and you will

I don't remember what prompted me to stop what I was doing at work, open up the notes app on my phone and write this simple phrase, to become a project later. I've been working on this bit by bit over the past few weekends, until I woke up early this morning and decided it was time to finish.

It's true that I have felt creatively out-of-sorts lately (since about June, seriously), and that doesn't make for a great Etsy experience or a blog that is fulfilling to read, I know. I stopped making treasuries. It wasn't even like painters-block or busy-ness. I had ideas and sometimes I had time. I just didn't feel like I had the energy to reach the level of quality I expect from myself. My brain was everywhere else. I'm getting through it, though. There isn't time to dwell on it.

Much of the border on this piece is made from torn tissue paper from last year's after-Christmas sale. It's a perfect match. I used a coffee filter again, this time with words I wrote this morning in Micron Pen. I had so much fun cutting out letters and pennants and painting little flowers and stars. This whole piece makes me feel extremely happy.

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