Wednesday, November 21, 2012


I've been busy with fun things... I made a treasury.

I made a calm-down jar like this one. I used a plastic peanut butter jar and sealed the lid with tie-dye duct tape. Before that, I made one from a water bottle with turquoise liquid. Every student I showed it to was mesmerized by it. I told them it was my (portable) coping skill. It truly was calming.  So now it sits on my work desk.

 I went to see a high school production of Snow White, which was great!

Today I watched one of the kids I work with play in his first high school basketball game, and score points! His team won 46-33.

I feel hopeful. Not everything has been fantastic lately, and it's really easy to feel pulled into sadness or anger when that happens. I'm choosing hopefulness.

 Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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