Sunday, November 11, 2012


I didn't sleep much last night because coverage of the explosion (less than four miles away from me) was on until 2 a.m. (Update: Cause of Indianapolis explosion still unknown - 13 WTHR Indianapolis).  It opened my sister's front door from (about) two miles away.   There are few positives about this, but one is that I live in a community that helps.  Richmond Hill still needs prayers and donations.   I know that there is still so much devastation from Hurricane Sandy - and it is absolutely appropriate that more help and donations and attention continues to pour into those communities.  Now, this neighborhood in Southport/ Southside Indianapolis needs help, too.

It seems silly to post anything else after writing this, so I'll frame these next few tidbits as things I am grateful for today.  I saw friends at a House Party today (for Shutterfly) and I think it's such a cool concept!  People, I will go to your house parties.  Snacks?  Free stuff?  No pressure to buy anything?  Count me in!

And, tonight, I made the Gluten-Free Girl Brussels Sprouts Salad that I pinned on Pinterest eight months ago.  It was good - I made it with maple syrup, and switched out the Gruyere for Parmesan.  It would have been even better with dried cranberries.

I hope that you and your families and friends are well tonight, and every solitary precious second.

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