Sunday, March 4, 2012

march forth

I've been quiet lately...mostly working on a huge new plan for work (that I'm really excited about!) and working on mixed media paintings which mostly exist for practice and joy. I am loving the process. I have dabbled in mixed media before, but didn't really give myself a chance to explore it very well.

I've been aiming to create at least one new piece a week. I'm learning to let the piece happen in front of me, as if I'm drawing in the margins of a notebook during a meeting (yes, I do this, not ashamed). Once I decide if the piece will have words (and that's seriously the hardest part), then everything just flows. If something feels unbalanced, I balance it. I add familiar layers and different kinds of paper, and doodle with paint until it feels complete. It's really therapeutic, actually. It feels like creative rest.

Also, I think I'm finding a style that completely suits me. It's what was there all along, just amplified. Mixed media is just using more than one form of media. I see so many examples of mixed media work -and it's often beautiful, well created work- that uses such similar themes and arrangements that it kind of gets me down. The challenge is how can I continue to express something that has likely already been said (original thoughts also welcome) in my own way. I like that challenge.

Have a wonderful week!

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