Sunday, March 11, 2012

grateful today

I'm grateful today:

*That the car accident I was involved in yesterday was so minor that I barely realized it happened. It will still take an insurance claim, though, and I'm grateful that I have insurance.

*For friendships that sustain over the years, with friends I see often and others I see only a few times a year. (I really, really enjoyed catching up with Nikki, Joyce and Jenifer at Scotty's last night - so much laughter!)

*For Tazo tea, and sparkling lemon water, and spring water, and Starbucks, and restaurants that bring me bowls of lemon slices, for helping me get over the Mountain Dew/Soda habit that I've given up for lent.

*For my job, where I feel fulfilled, creative, and challenged. I work with kids who are starting a band! And I know nothing about the technicalities of it, but I know they are talented- and I love encouraging that!

*For my coworkers, who listen and help and care.

*For this blog post by Valarie.

*For my family - quirky, sometimes exasperating, yet truly a blessing to me.

*For down time, even when it's carved out of other time.

*For games of DrawSomething with Heather and Jenny.

*For inspiration, which is usually right where I look for it.

*For grace, and for so much more.

1 comment:

Valarie said...

julie! Thanks so much! As usual, you are too sweet! And, I am more than grateful that you weren't hurt in your accident!

Glad life seems to be treating you well!