Thursday, December 3, 2009

Doodling is a silly word.

I admit that I doodle constantly during many, many meetings. Last week I tried to explain to someone that it helps me concentrate on what is happening, because I'm able to focus on what is being said and not on everything surrounding me.

I found an article in Time magazine that backs me up on this.

Do you agree? Does it seem like someone who draws flowers and vines and buttons over 3/4 of a notebook page isn't paying attention? It probably does seem that way. But it actually keeps my mind free from distractions that take me away from what is being said.

Are there any other doodlers reading this? What do you think?


maisy said...

love your doodle! i always doodle if i find i have left a pad near the phone :D

Caroline said...

I'm a doodler, too! And yes, I doodle more when I'm trying to concentrate than when I'm not.

... I don't doodle much in work meetings these days, come to think of it. ;P

Anonymous said...

I doodle too. I miss my Julie.

ohvotrecoeur said...

I always doodle on things when I'm working, especially when I'm on the phone.

I found your blog on the Etsy forums. It's lovely!!