Sunday, January 29, 2012

words and more words

Every few months I go back to painting interchangeable letters and words. It's calming, colorful, and good practice. Lately, I've been using the Christmas tree/index card technique to put a whole set together that I can scan into the computer and use for other projects. Look for more applications soon - there is so much that can be done with a set like this - card making, art journaling (which I imagine I'll be getting back into after a hiatus of something like eight years?), mixed many possibilities. I'd love to know what other people would do with these as well...incorporated into other pieces.

Other (mostly corporate-related) thoughts:
This weekend I read Mindy Kaling's book in its entirety in one sitting. I recommend it for her take on "Jack and Diane" alone, but the whole book was fun to read.

Picnik is closing and I'm sad about it. I really like Picnik. Now I need to find something else that I will like just as much, that won't cost more than I can afford. And I don't want it to be tied to a social network. All I want to do is edit photos.

The new JC Penney Catalog arrived yesterday and I'm impressed. They are restructuring their marketing and pricing and storytelling, quirkiness, and overall visual quality of the catalog is a good first step. Way to go, company!

I opened a Twitter account last February just so I could open an account on Pinterest, and in that almost-year, Twitter has gone from something-I-forgot-I-had to something-I-check-repeatedly. Twitter has won me over. I've even started tweeting, but I'm reluctant to unlock any of my tweets to the general public, because then it will be quite apparent to everyone that I have more thoughts than I'd like to admit about tv. At least Twitter gives me a place to put them.

This is going to be a crazy week, and I'm looking forward to it!

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