Saturday, December 31, 2011

...and a Happy New Year!

I'm not ready for a new year. I am overwhelmed by the idea of looking back at it - it seems like the last new year happened about three weeks ago. Earlier this week I watched a montage of images, a blur of GabrielleGiffordsElizabethTaylorJustinBieberOsamaBinLadenRoyalWeddingSteveJobsTwitterTsunamiKaddhafiKardashianKimJongIlDanWheldonSugarlandStateFairAmyWinehouseRepublicanCandidatesLadyGagaAfghanistanIt'sFridayFriday and then it was all wrapped up and finished and now we prepare for something new and unknown and we hope it will be so much more than this year has been.

I wish you a safe and wonderful celebration and beginning to a new year that brings you every kind of peace and joy.


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