Saturday, December 11, 2010

saturday morning

i've been painting,
bowling with the kids from work (so much fun - and funny that one of the teen boys was so impressed that i won, he told me i was "gangsta". that is a compliment),
also watching some of them guest direct the indianapolis children's choir. it made me cry.
i tend to cry at sweetness.
i have not bought one single christmas gift.
i've been listening to this in my car.
i'm thankful that i've gone almost two weeks without wearing an annoying ankle brace.
i am thankful to aimee from artsyville for including my shop in this year's handmade holiday doodletour - such an honor!
i am going to send out four orders today,
and prepare for the next few weeks in many small ways.
it will snow tonight.

enjoy today.

1 comment:

Valarie said...

I have ALWAYS thought you were "gangsta", Julie!