Tuesday, December 21, 2010

a crafty day with friends

last month, i spent an afternoon and evening crafting with amy, jenni, heather and val. we have all been friends for at least fifteen years, and rarely, rarely are we all in the same place at the same time.

we planned a few weeks in advance to spend an afternoon together while making christmas garlands.

it was quite a crafty scene-the table was covered in felt, ribbons, adhesives, scissors, glue guns (jenni has a serious glue gun), more felt, and even more felt. although the intention was for each of us to make two items for each garland, it didn't necessarily turn out that way. there were four daughters toddling around, being cute and deserving everyone's attention. there was a visit from amy's sister and her baby twins! there was pizza to be picked up in the rain. not everyone was motivated to be crafty at the same pace, or at all. there was a lot happening and a lot to catch up on!

still, it was a fun activity for a rainy afternoon. it was inexpensive...didn't need to be perfect or require a lot of concentration...leisurely. perfect for all of us! after taking the photo above, we realized we needed to add a few more embellishments.

most of the way through the night i had pain in my ankle so severe that i couldn't even stand at the counter to glue anything. i spent the remainder of the evening with my foot propped up and an ice pack. it really hurt! it turned out that i had tendinitis, and i'm better now.

jenni finished her garland first. she and aven are checking it out here:

(i may or may not have finished mine at all. i'll let you decide from the photos. but i certainly enjoyed all of the cutting, gluing, laughter and friends it took to create it.)

i'm already looking forward to the next time.

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