Saturday, December 4, 2010

thanksgiving in houston

thanksgiving week in houston was restful and calm.

hanging out with my nieces and nephew: watching youtube videos, taking pictures, and catching up with my favorite teenagers

preparing and enjoying a lovely thanksgiving dinner in my sister's pretty house - she had the turkey smoked at a nearby (awesome) barbecue restaurant, which was the best turkey decision ever

people watching at a renaissance festival. i never imagined i'd go to one, but if you enjoy people watching, this is the scene. the link above has a video, to give you more of an idea.

decorating the christmas tree (though most of my role was keeping the christmas carol playlists going)

playing "luck of the draw" with my family. our family games usually contain spontaneous uncontrollable fits of laughter and i love those moments so much. have you played "luck of the draw"? it's a great game.

black friday (mostly window) shopping in the mid-morning and afternoon at ikea and the houston galleria.

stocking up on canvases at jerry's artarama. jerry's artarama, please come to indianapolis.

directv on the way home, which totally helped calm me through the turbulence of the flight. i watched a marathon of "little people big world"

enough words!
here was a view from the flight over indianapolis:

and here are my nieces, at the park across from my sister's house, and at ikea:

i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving as well!

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