Monday, March 1, 2010

Jenny's Bracelet

My friend Jenny is going to have her third baby any day now. Her shower was held in January, where I put together a station where guests could choose beads and charms to add to a bracelet.

Each guest would choose a bead or charm, and write a message to Jenny to correspond with it. Those messages would be compiled into a little book.

I thought I would be able to assemble the bracelet and the book while Jenny opened her presents, but that didn't happen. Instead, I finished it this weekend, late for sure, but still before the birth of Number Three.

It was my first experience with memory wire, which I thought would be easy. It took several attempts at securing the end caps with e-6000 - more than I expected. Does anyone have a better way to make this work? I do really like using the memory wire. Some tips: you will need a diagonal cutting tool, and if one of the beads is a bit too long and straight to string onto the curvy wire, it can become a lovely shamrock-shaped end cap.

Along with the bracelet, the messages were assembled and tied together with ribbon:

(Jenny seemed to love the bracelet.)

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