Saturday, January 9, 2010

dear e-6000,

there you are, in the photo above. you hold my rings together so well. krazy-glue isn't even close - krazy-glue will hold for a while, and then fall apart as soon as i accidentally bump my ring into the side of a door. because of this, you have become an indispensable must-have on the craft table. the mirthmarket depends on you.

but why, why, is it such a trial for you to spill out of the tube in one tiny dollop? why can't you form a drop, with an ending, with excess that vanishes right back into the tube? you rebel against this...forming an inevitable sticky, elasticized string which is nearly impossible to remove. and equally disheartening, by the time i have reformed the adhesive area into a manageable heap, you have leaked twice as much glue out of the tip of the container, which i must clean up with the speed of the Concorde, before glue spills out all over the craft table and another stalactite of gelled fumes* emerges.

(if i don't react quickly, the glue sticks to the cap and dries inside the nozzle, which recently led to almost losing a shirt due to the glue exploding out the back of the tube, even though i used a really long needle to try to pry it out of the top. luckily, i know the power of Carbona stain remover, and happened to be wearing a shirt made of cooperative materials, so all is well.)

i know, i know, some recommend only the small bottles of e-6000, and i agree, they are better for avoiding most of the issues listed above. but the little bottles don't seem as cost-effective, so i bought larger ones. lesson learned.

it's just that sometimes i think the label should be changed to this:

*it seems like the fumes are usually the major rant about e-6000, but i rarely even notice them. is that weird?


debi said...

Love this stuff,and hate it for the same reasons you mentioned!!!!!

LilithEvy said...

lol! You're so right! I love e6000 but it's so hard to work with without doing a mess!!! And for the fume, I think it's when you work with it more than 15 min without put the cap on... That what someone tell me one day because I didn't have trouble with fume too.

Piggy said...

Haha.. I use e6000 too! But so far, I have only used the small tubes. I use alot of toothpick to deal will the "mess" :)

God Bless

Sarah Knight said...

: )

I'm not the only one who occasionally talks to inanimate objects... although that might be the fumes