Monday, January 11, 2010

funny dreams

i've had strange dreams over the past few nights that i've remembered. three nights ago, i was late meeting amy and heather for tea because i had just dyed my hair in all different colors (multicolor striped, even white) and couldn't get it to change back. two nights ago, i stayed at the guest house of a college friend, and when i washed my face, all of my skin peeled off like a crazy sunburn.

today at work i laughed at various points in the day when i remembered the dream i had last night.

i was at my workplace, except it was inside my high school (i love how dreams have that quality - "i was here, but here was there"), doing some routine filing, and one of the kids i work with said, "miss julie, look out the window!"

outside the window, there were llamas.

so i took a few kids outside to look at them more closely. a co-worker was standing outside, and informed us that due to construction of a nearby property that had impeded on the llama sanctuary nearby, the llamas were now roaming free outside my workplace/high school.

somewhere amongst the llamas, sitting on a rock maybe (?) was adam lambert. with blue hair. he didn't really say anything, and none of us said anything to him. he was just there. the llamas were more interesting, i suppose?

i used to keep a dream journal and realized that in addition to my recurring dreams (randomly losing a tooth, having extra fingers or toes, and forgetting i was enrolled in a class until finals week), i had more dreams than i realized that took place at gas stations.

do you ever have crazy dreams?


Kelley said...

Llamas in your dreams! You're really lucky. Lately my dreams have been rather unpleasant. I would much prefer to see llamas while I sleep.

Digsby Mac Feegle said...

I was house hunting and all the home owners were zombies who buried the dead under their porches. The houses were so amazing and such reasonable prices that I was considering purchasing anyway and becomeing a Zombie myself. A friend had to talk me out of it.