Saturday, January 16, 2010

the ornament above is from beehive kitchenware, a beautiful shop i saw for the first time today. honestly, i'm often in amazement when i find items on etsy that are so beautifully crafted. i had to share this one. they have some charming and beautiful spoons and other items. they'd make great gifts!

tonight i have only a few notes:
-i changed my banner again, because it's fun. i wish i could think of some kind of concise title for this little blog that sums up everything it's about. instead, i just keep reminding myself that every day is extraordinary. i almost labeled this banner, "tales from the craft table" and then switched it at the last minute.

-sometimes i see cool etsy shops without banners and feel compelled to make banners for them, as a gift, because it's fun. i know that people make banners for money, so i don't want to go on the etsy forums and write, "I JUST WANT TO MAKE SOMEONE A BANNER" because that wouldn't be nice to banner makers. once, i convoed a shop i liked with a banner that didn't really seem to go with their shop, and sent them a new banner. that was probably weird. i really liked it, though. the seller didn't use it. i guess my lesson is learned.

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