Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Dad

My Dad turned seventy-nine today. That's us in the photo above - I love that picture.

I have a good Dad. I've been truly blessed with a wonderful family.

My Dad was a naval photographer in Korea. He went to Art School. He met my Mom at a church function. He worked really hard at his job. He is a fantastic cook - he makes the best chili and Swiss steak. He is a great gardener and golfer. He's crafty - right now he's working on a really cool rag rug that's going to cover an entire room.

My nieces and nephews would probably say that these are their favorite photos of him (my nephew bought the "bling" at a souvenir shop and they all loved that their Grandpa modeled it):

I really like this one taken of my parents right after their wedding. They've been married 51 years. Aren't they cute?

Happy Birthday, Dad!


Colin said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Julie's Dad!

And thanks for posting this, Julie. It's a wonderful little snippet of what sounds like a wonderful life.

Makes me inspired to be a good Dad myself.

And that picture is just beautiful.

Valarie said...

Of course Colin puts it into words perfectly.

I didn't know any of that about your dad. He is one cool guy, especially to wear the bling so well.

Here's to him having a great birthday!

Great photos!