Monday, April 27, 2009

my favorite supplies - #1

i'm back from the bummer that is strep throat...i've rested and enjoyed some sunshine and a baby shower and a movie. life is nice! i want to talk about wonderful things!

specifically, my favorite art supplies...

today, i am recognizing the amazing and tiny BEST TINY PAINTBRUSH IN THE WORLD...the Loew Cornell 18/0 Spotter. this tiny tiny thing...I can't even describe how small the tip is...paints entire trees on rings that are less than one inch wide.
seriously, here is the paintbrush tip compared to a dime:and yet, if you take care of these brushes, which are something like three to four dollars each, and you don't leave their wooden handles sitting in icky paint water overnight*, these paintbrushes stay intact, and offer weekends full of easy to control, fine, beautiful lines...lovely signatures...teeny tiny dots...itsy bitsy hearts...miniscule branches...
i used to frequent a charming paint-your-own-pottery studio, which has changed hands so much over the years that it makes me a bit sad, although it's still fun whenever i go...which is has been two years since i've been there, i think. anyway, the first owner considered me a regular to the point where he started buying tiny brushes and keeping them in his collection because he knew i'd want to use them. that was a good business tactic...i used to go almost once a weekend.

i really like working small-scale. these are the brushes that make it possible.

also, i ordered the fluffiest, most naptastic pillow from meg at whatever. she has one of the best blogs on the planet - i think you will enjoy it. the link will take you there. go.

*i have done this. bad idea.

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Glitzer said...

Wow amazing brush! I am glad you have found a great tool for your work! Thanks for sharing the "Whatever" blog too! Interesting blog to read!