Saturday, April 18, 2009

Away too long!

I've been feeling low this weekend, and just finished a tiny shop update that has left a slight feeling of accomplishment. From this point forward, this post is dedicated to happy things!

1. Since I last wrote, I now have over 100 hearts in my shop. Hooray!

2. I have been etsy stalked - the first time I have been featured in a blog other than my own. Cool!

3. I painted a new ring that I'll be listing soon...totally a departure from the other rings, and not likely to become the next wave of Mirthmarket merchandise (Mirthandise...ha ha, no...), but I really really like it!

It's a little singing bird! What is he singing? You decide.

4. Tonight is The Best of Amy Poehler on SNL. She has had some amazing impressions (Sharon Osbourne) and characters, but I think my favorite is the manic little messy-haired girl, Kaitlin. She was so excited about everything and I found that hilarious.Kaitlin.
Sometimes I wish that all of SNL's sketches were online. (My sketch choices would probably be very different from the ones available.)

5. Today was beautiful and warm and I smelled flowers in the air. Nice.

Have a lovely rest-of-the-weekend!

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Audrey said...

I hearted your shop!! Love your rings - you have a wonderful imagination.