Sunday, May 3, 2009

keeping up with the etsians

i am busy with custom baby projects. i know quite a few ladies who will be giving birth this summer...and there is at least one more new baby in the world (i don't know this baby) who is getting a present soon that was painted by me.

these projects, plus my "day job", have left little time for etsy lately. very very little.

i posted a few new rings in the shop last weekend. someday soon i will extend beyond rings and branch out, but moms and babies cannot wait for that. i have noticed on the etsy forums that several sellers are puzzled at the lack of views, and i have noticed, too. if not for the incredibly quick glimpse under newly featured items, no one would even know they are there.

so i have also read, and heard, that etsy sellers need to spend their time marketing. twitter when you have new items, create a facebook page, join or open up a shop on artfire, relist, relist, relist, celebrate etsy day and let the world know that etsy itself exists (oops, i didn't do that), and the list goes on. it's exhausting to think about, and at this point in the story, i would rather spend that free time painting.

the one thing i have done is purchase an ad on craftopolis. it was nice, and i'm fairly certain that a lot of people found the shop because of that ad.

sellers, i want to tell you how i find shops: through treasuries (especially the front page featured treasury) and through the favorites lists of people whose work i admire.

not twitter, facebook,, artfire...not even through the newly listed items that i hope to be discovered on.

that's why i love getting shop hearts!

i know people have to see me to "heart" my shop, and i'm going to work on being seen. really.

but first, i am giving my energy and attention to these custom projects. and that's why the mirthmarket is taking it easy right now. no pressure.

enjoy the week!

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