Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Happy 11-12-13!

A few things I've been working on lately:

 1. I've been painting pendants again!

2. I did another craft fair. My sales were a lot better at this one. Also, my Mom contributed by making balsam pine sachets (she picked the balsam and everything!) and I decorated them with felt. They were such a sweet addition to the booth.

3. I got pretty sick last week. Bummer. I'm still recovering - I have a lingering cough and I wish I could sleep more and feel all the way better.

4. At work, I'm on a vocabulary campaign. After two teenagers told me a bit incredulously that I "use big words"...and these words were "margin" and "compile"...I am on a mission to build word knowledge. I am not holding back on any opportunity to "use big words", though I had to laugh at myself after I heard a student curse and responded by saying, "I'd like for you to use mellifluous language." I am serious about it, though. I really want to hear mellifluous language. Let's start a movement.

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