Tuesday, October 8, 2013

painting for the craft fair

I mentioned before that I am preparing for my first craft fair in approximately eight years. I spent almost all weekend painting. I think I will be painting during all of my free time for the next three and a half weeks. I didn't realize how many unpainted objects and blank surfaces I'd been holding on to. They were waiting for this moment, and now I feel like I need to let them all go. I want to focus on 2-d projects, with the occasional pendants and rings for my Etsy shop. I just cannot believe how much I still have, waiting to be painted.

All of these photos show the most basic steps - nothing is finished at this point. I have so many projects going at once. Most of them are in the first stages - painting the surface.The challenges are time and volume. I want to paint all of the things! And I want to paint them well. I want to be authentic and take my time and do my absolute best on each item. I don't want to compromise quality. But I paid for the 10 x 10 booth and I want to fill it with colorful joy.

(I am also a little worried about fitting everything into my car...tables included...but I know this will work itself out.)

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