Sunday, September 29, 2013

twentieth reunion

My high school reunion was so much better than high school. After mentally preparing myself for about a month and a half, reading my old journals, forgiving people (and myself) for being messy, emotional, dramatic, confused teenagers, noticing/feeling/seeing so many reminders of high school lately, and making a playlist for the event that included a lot of music I would never have listened to in high school, I was just excited to see everyone.

I'm not on facebook, so I didn't know what people looked like, or what most of them were doing. That was an element some people lamented, but I thought it was great to be happily surprised. The best part? Everyone seemed to be doing exactly what they were meant to do. It was awesome. Our ten year reunion felt crowded and still a bit cliquish. But this time around, it was completely different. We were encouraged to mingle with everyone, and most of us did. I took some photos, but not enough...mostly of people I knew best back then. Good times. Go to reunions. They are worth it.

The only thing that could have made it better is if geography and life in general could have made it possible for more people to be there. I missed Suzanne, and Anjie, and Marlo, and Kelley, and David, and Tiffany, and Heidi, and so many other people who would have made the event even better.

So, pictures (photo quality is not the point here):

By the time the group photo was taken, some people had already left.  And honestly, this is really just a tiny piece of our class...which had something like 280 people in it.

Sarah, me, and Heather...these girls were my closest friends.  I think that for much of high school, I was either hanging out with one or both of them, or talking to one of them on the phone.  You know how some friends share a language that other people wouldn't understand?  That is us.  Friends forever for real.

Trevor and Theresa came from Wisconsin.  They have been together since our senior year.  I think they were my favorite people to see at the ten year reunion and at this one...they are truly awesome people.

Tammy and her husband Jeff came from Cincinnati, though they have lived in many places!  She is the sweetest.

Ryan came from Florida. I think he is a friend to everyone. I hope life treats him well.

I was most looking forward to seeing Mark and Rachel.  Mark and I went to school together since elementary school, and grew up within sight distance of each others' houses, but didn't really get to know each other until we were on the same RA staff in college.  My RA years were absolutely amazing and transformative, and I loved that this felt like a college reunion in the middle of my high school reunion.  It seems like all of my RA friends are also doing exactly what it seems they should, and that makes me happy.  There was a table of memorabilia -yearbooks, a Color Me Badd tape, a Depeche Mode cd, a crimping iron, a shoebox of notes- and Rachel was cracking me up as an outsider looking through the yearbooks and reading the notes.  They are just fantastic people.

In fact, one of their children created the awards passed out to people for various achievements...their eight year old made this...and it's so much cooler than something printed or purchased.

All of these people deserve incredible lives. I'm glad to know and have known them.

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