Sunday, February 17, 2013

a project with a toddler, and a party, and hearts

Some photos from recent weekend activities:

I took a day trip to Cincinnati, where three year old Aven and I created an art project together. Photos below show the process.


 We started out with watercolors, and painted a mostly orange page, a mostly blue page, and a page of whatever she wanted that was not part of the project, to allow her some creative autonomy.


 Aven chose a bird from an assortment of paper punches I had brought with me. I did the punching, this particular punch was too big for her hands.


When Aven counted to twelve birds, we started arranging them.


I used small adhesive squares and positioned them at somewhat-equal distances apart, a few at a time. Aven adhered each bird to the orange paper.


The finished product was simple, colorful, peaceful, and sweet. Aven seemed proud of her accomplishment!



 In January, I went to a surprise party for my friend Nikki, who had no idea! It's fun to prepare for a surprise party, and I think she really enjoyed it.


 For me, the party was a reunion of co-workers past. I have known some of these ladies for ten to thirteen years! It was great to see them again, even if some of them look a little blurry (I promise, they are not blurry in real life).


 I started another unfinished project when I opened up a package of chipboard shapes. I loved painting these Valentine-y embellishments, but I didn't get much farther than this - at least not since that day, maybe I'll start again sometime soon.

 Have a wonderful week!

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