Tuesday, March 27, 2012

everything counts

I'm on Spring Break - keeping very busy, not spending too much time online...but I saw this tonight and it was so superfluously fantastic/bizarre/creative/genius/amazing that I had to post it here.

Happy viewing!

(I love everything about this. The son is playing a cheese grater hung from a string! The daughter (with awesome hair) is wearing a Smurf shirt and using her recorder to hit the windchimes! The Dad is playing at least four instruments! A garden gnome is watching them. How much Depeche Mode do you think those kids have listened to? English is not even the language they speak conversationally at home! This might be the coolest family ever.)

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Heather Newport said...

So you mean to tell me that while I was learning Mary had a Little Lamb on the flutophone, I could have been learning Depeche Mode hits on the recorder. I want a 4th grade music do-over!