Monday, October 31, 2011

me, in costume

happy halloween! i don't really get into halloween. all i have to share are these vintage (according to etsy) photos i found of me in different costumes, which could be funny, or scary, right?

pretty princess:

pretty (scary) princess (my family was into reusing clothes. this year, i apparently switched it up by putting necklaces around my neck and on my head. also, i did not put on that makeup. and those are not my eyebrows.):

pioneer woman this was not a halloween costume. i'm not even sure what this was for - possibly a play i acted in, or later, maybe what i wore for fourth grade pioneer day. i love the addition of the wig. this must have been for a play:

random dance costume this is not the best nor the worst costume of my nine years of dance. this one is really only unique because i had a tambourine, and i don't remember what dance was associated with this costume at all. those tights were mandatory for every dance costume from about fourth to seventh grade. they were called "toast" colored hose from parklane hosiery at the mall. i cringe. :

baby rock star:

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