Monday, September 19, 2011

super random

A group of kids I'm working with is captivated by insects, and it seems like at least once a week, they call me over in some direction to take a photo of what they've found. Last week there was this dragonfly just hanging out on the bricks. There was also a cicada (alive) that a kid held onto for at least half an hour, and on Friday, a friendly grasshopper that rested on a boy's arm long enough for me to take a video from all angles.

I'm busy and happy. This is the season for the best garden tomatoes. It rained all day today, and it was refreshing. Over the weekend, I slept for almost nine hours after my nephew's 21st birthday party. Sleep has won out over creative time lately so I haven't had much to share, but ideas are still swirling inside my mind. My blog needs a better title. I'm really looking forward to the season premiere of Glee tomorrow.

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