Sunday, September 25, 2011

glitter and glee

i painted some rings yesterday, and also the tiny canvas above. it's only 3x5 inches. i'm thinking of listing some 3x5 flower paintings in the mirthmarket - it would definitely be a diversion, but i want to diversify more. i have been waiting for etsy to allow multiple shops on the same account for years now, and i don't really want to keep waiting! i used some of martha stewart's glitter paint on this flower. thank you for the glitter paint, martha. it makes me happy.

the third season of glee is now underway, and the premiere was great. i can't wait for the rest, particularly this:

brilliant. and such a better mother/daughter duet than "poker face", even if this is a dream sequence.

gleehab is an awesome resource for news, and all things glee. in addition to the video above, i saw this posted there, too. also brilliant, but in a completely different way:

there are some really funny shows on tv right now. "the middle" was left out of the emmy nominations, but i think it's hilarious. if i could embed a clip from last week's premiere, of the heck family camping and being forced to play a board game that just involved random pieces from the family board game collection (and a dirty sock), with rules that were made up as they went along, i would. but i can't find it online to share.

have a good week!

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