Sunday, August 7, 2011

happy new year!

summer, at least in the sense of my routine, has wound down. it wasn't a particularly relaxing summer (except for those two blissful weeks on the lake), but anyone whose life is connected to a school calendar knows that this upcoming season is the kind for preparations, new beginnings, and starting things a little differently, with the hope of something better. it feels like new year's eve today.

after i write this, i will finish making signs that will hang on classroom doors. in a little while, i'll drive to work and set up the room which has just had its carpet cleaned, and fill it with elementary-school appropriate games and decorations, turning it from a bland computer lab into an enrichment area. and tomorrow morning, a new school year begins.

my cell phone was (probably) stolen during a morning of rushing around while enduring a short-lived bout of ridiculous head congestion. i liked that little flip phone, and even though its cover wheel had long been attached with stikkiwax -i'd had it for almost three years, and wanted to keep it a while longer. eventually i accepted its loss, and i bought an iphone yesterday. iphones are nothing new but for me it's new to carry this whole world around with me in my pocket. i'm still learning, but so far i'm excited about instagram. if i can figure out how to properly size photos from flickr, i think this phone and i are going to enjoy a lot of photo/blogging action!

also, i enrolled in kelly rae roberts' "flying lessons" e-course. i feel like immersion in the topics that will be covered is exactly what i need right now. welcome to the new blog readers who have found me there! i notice you in my sidebar, and i'm glad you're here.

happy new year, everyone! may this year be amazing for all of us!

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