Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i like clouds

sunset at symphony on the prairie, 8-6-11

i am pretty much enamored with clouds and sunsets - not in a scientific way - i can barely remember which are cirrus and cumulus, and i don't even really think about them that way. i like how they're always changing. i like that when i drive home from work, they put on a little evening-time show that feels a lot like driving through a kaleidoscope, always becoming different colors and shapes. i've been driving home right as the sun sets, and it's such a nice way to transition from hectic workday to quiet calm. i love to capture them with my camera. i do remember to keep my eyes on the road, though. rest assured.


livingglassart said...

Beautiful. The happenings in the sky can be so fascinating.

Angel Scents said...

It is amazing isn't it? Nature is a curious thing. We just have to sit back and watch it in awe! Great pic

aimee said...

this is gorgeous! i could see a ring pattern coming out of this one :)