Saturday, April 9, 2011

spring break

during spring break this year, i went to work twice. on the other days i did fun things like:

sort paints! this wasn't fun for me, but i have a new understanding of how much of a craft stash i have created. it's a bit overwhelming and makes me want to paint a lot.

i took a brief trip to cincinnati to visit the jorgensons. i had a whirlwind day of shopping with jenni and aven. after breakfast at ikea, we went to jungle jim's (always a favorite), met simon for lunch at a delicious middle eastern restaurant, went to some nice local shops, and finished at crate and barrel and the container store.

at ikea, aven immediately claimed this adorable broccoli stalk friend. she carried it all through jungle jim's!

when i returned, jenni and i quickly made this tree decoration for aven's wall from ikea cork placemats and coasters:

the next day, i met jenny, heather n., and shellie at you are the potter and underestimated how long it would take to paint this:

i haven't picked it up yet, and i think that the pastel pre-kiln paint color hides what are certain to be flaws from rushing the process. but it was good to go there again.

almost a week has passed since spring break, and now my thoughts are focused again on work: getting ready to move into a new office, taking some students to bloomington tomorrow to watch their guitar teacher perform, and many other activities that will make the next few weeks seem to pass so quickly.

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Andrew said...

Aww the baby holding the broccoli is so cute!!!