Thursday, March 31, 2011

fun, fun, fun, fun.

hooray! one of my rings was on the front page of etsy today, and it sold! i'm so thankful for the shop exposure. twenty-six people included me in their shop favorites today. i know that's not unusual for some sellers, but it's still a big deal to me! little happinesses are all around.

more little happinesses:

this treasury was featured on etsy's front page tuesday. thank you to BeCharmedDesigns, who was included in this fuchsia treasury. she responded by adding me to the treasury that made it to the front page today. cool!

the rebecca black video is already classic. in fact, i'm certain i was about three weeks late for it. i love the reactions to it as well. sped up, slowed down, dubbed over with eazy-e, analysed by critical teen reviewers, covered by acoustic guitarists and a meat loaf tribute artist, or just completely parodied by snarky kids who are actually pretty hilarious. i'd post links but you can find them all in the youtube sidebar.

also three weeks after the fact (but really, i just learned of these things): did you know that jimmy fallon now has his own ben & jerry's ice cream flavor? you should know this. you should also know that it has potato chips in it. will i try it? yes, i will.

happy april! (i will try to write about things other than treasuries.)

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