Saturday, August 28, 2010

catching up

i went to the fair about a week and a half ago. i didn't eat anything from this stand. eeeewwww. there is not one cell inside me that is even curious about "deep fried pepsi".

i went to work the next day, and before leaving that afternoon, i started to feel really tired, with some other symptoms emerging. i slept for almost the next four days. i did actually go to work during one of those days, and i'm not sure that was a good idea.

i had strep for the second time this year. in the entire realm of possibilites, that isn't the worst diagnosis. i am emphatically tired but don't sleep well (something like 30 minute increments for 24 hours?). eating, drinking and talking are painful. swollen lymph nodes make it difficult to feel comfortable. i think the worst part about it is that i contributed to my lack of immunity with the past few weeks of constantly doing, not sleeping well, not eating well, etc. i'm not very good at being consistent in taking good care of myself. particularly, at the beginning of the school year.

i missed out on a whole weekend when i could have been creating. i don't want this to happen again. i spent this week catching up. i've been very protective of sleep time this week, and i'm going to have to continue that. there was no fast food this week (such an easy habit to fall into). i'm on day three of feeling better.

just to be clear, i know that this isn't a fun kind of thing to read about in a blog, and it's definitely not my favorite topic. it is, however, reality - and if this blog is all about the person behind the crafty things, this is part of the story. it's a roadblock to creativity.

today i will be working with felt !!! and i will report back with the outcome.


Copper Diem said...

deep fried butter sounds nasty too. blech. hope you are feeling better soon!

Colin said...

Yes, good call on not eating any Fair Food in the first place. That must have helped rule out at least eight or nine potential illnesses right there.

Glad to see you recovered, though, and are now back making beauty all over the place.